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Silver Partner

Why Choose ACC HAUS for your Loxone project?

ACC HAUS have been Loxone programming experts since 2015 and gained Loxone Silver partner status in 2017 after achieving all of the necessary requirements and certifications.

Because Loxone is a leading building automation solution, it is backed by a large, global partner network. As the customer this means you have the choice to pick and choose the best partner not only simply from a point of physical location, but also one which has particularly specialities which you require for you project.

At ACC HAUS are the ideal choice for your project if you:

  • Are handling your Loxone project yourself (self build/renovator) and would like competitive pricing for your project
  • Are particularly interested in using Loxone with Far InfraRed heating solutions
  • You would like help with programming / Loxone functionality
  • You need a Loxone partner with enterprise grade IT / Networking skills
  • Have an Loxone emergency and need fast response assistance
  • Would like to ‘smart up’ your second home to you can better keep an eye on it
  • Have an idea for an automation concept and you would like to discuss it with us

Above all, ACC HAUS offer fast & friendly advice for all things Loxone!

If you are considering using Loxone for your next building automation project please get in touch.